Life is going to change and the only thing that is certain, is uncertainty. There is no denying the fact that the prospect of divorce is scary. Not only are you living through what is arguably the worst emotional trauma you have ever experienced, you are preparing to negotiate what could be the largest business transaction that you have ever fathomed.  You have no idea what is going to happen to your home, your pension, your personal property, and most importantly, your children.

During this frightening time of personal turmoil, the law will require your most focused attention to a plethora of legal and financial details as well as voluminous procedural landmines. It defies logic to expect an individual whose dreams and expectations have disappeared to navigate this process objectively. You need an experienced advocate on your side and you need the best legal counsel you can find.

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The dissolution of marriage

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Child Custody

What is in the best interests of your child(ren)?

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Parent/Grand-parent Time

Maintaining a relationship with your child(ren)

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Child Support

Every child in Michigan has an inherent right to the financial support of both of their parents.

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Spousal Support

A financial award for the continued support and maintenance of your spouse

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Post Judgement Proceedings

A Judgment of Divorce is not always the last step in the process

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Property Division

Splitting up your assets, and your debts

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Domestic Violence

There are no excuses

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Personal Protection Orders

Your personal safety is paramount

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